1. Non-Surgical Neck & Face Lift
2. Facial Contouring
3. Skin Firming
4. Pore Cleansing
5. Acne Treatment
6. Scar & Burns Healing
7. Facial Rejuvenation
8. Pigmentation Treatment
9. Age Spot Treatment 



 1. Spot fat reduction
Remove your stubborn deposits of the fat especially from those hard spots.
2. Cellulite Reduction
Improve your circulation, lymphatic drainage and smooth up layers of fat under the skin and
visibly reduce or even completely remove cellulite.
3. Skin Firming –  after the weight loss
after the pregnancy
for aging skin
Increase production of collagen, restore firmness and elasticity of your skin.
4. Body Contouring / Liposculpture
Restore your ideal body shape; great for those with uneven body shape.
5. Weight Loss
Overall reduction of a body weight, transformation of a body shape, rejuvenation of the skin.
6. Weight Management Program & Counseling
Includes correction of your eating habits and problems associated with it.
7. Pre-Liposuction Treatment
8. Post-Liposuction Treatment
9. Stretch-Marks Healing
10. Wounds, Burns & Scar Healing
11. Remove uneven body shape
12. Burn Fat
13. Firm Up and Tone Muscle
14. Menopausal weight gain reduction 


1. Improve circulation
2. Detoxify body and skin
3. Improve posture for Scoliosis sufferers
4. Pain management / Treat:
lower back pain
neck pain
shoulder pain
hip pain
knee pain
5. Reduce join pain and improve joint mobility
6. Strengthen muscle / Increase bone density
7. Stress relieve
8. Improve skin tone
9. Kill germs & bacteria 


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